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Welcome to our website

Dear Teachers, Principals and Parents,

We hope that you enjoy meeting us and our animal friends.

We have been doing animal education since 2004. We feel that it is vital that our children get taught a love for nature. We might not leave a better planet for our children, however we can try to leave better children for our planet.

We teach the youth to respect, love, care for and nurture, not just animals, but also humans. A balance in life is important for healthy living.

Our main focus is education and we have an amazing program for school visits and outings. We cover a variety of different animals, their diets, their habitats, where they are from and why we have them. Make sure your child does not miss out and inform your school about our fantastic program.

Our Educational Reptile Talks are a real hit with the students. Teaching them in a fun, hands-on manner about our amazing reptiles. We bring only non-venomous reptiles for an interactive, educational talk at your school. Saving you transport headaches.

Our Educational Wildlife Program is designed to delight, edutain and fascinate the students. We teach facts in a fun way, so the students will remember the information. Our easy Obstacle Course also lets them enjoy fun out in the fresh air.

Contact us for more information about our packages for an amazing, educational experience for you and your students.

Yours in Quality Education,

Juan and Jeru


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