Right and Wrong

Rightfully Wrong

The foundation of human kind stems from the first book of the Bible, Genesis. In the first chapter it speaks of two trees, the first tree is the Tree of Life and the second tree is the knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Good and Evil and the knowledge that came with it was so fundamental and intense that they had to cover themselves out of shame and the consequence of eating from this tree is death.

Good and evil is a general consensus throughout all mankind and religions – if someone murders or steals; we are all in agreement that it is wrong and a consequence has to be given. Doing a good deed like helping someone in need out of the goodness of our heart, a satisfactory reward will be given.

Adam and Eve did not eat from the tree of what is right and wrong. How I perceive a right thing will not measure up to how someone else will view the same thing. If you believe drinking is wrong and I believe it is right, is there really something to argue about, we just believe in different things. When a vegetarian approaches me and tells me all animals should be free and we humans should not eat animals, both of us are not wrong, just different belief systems. We all view things differently and that is a good thing, it makes us unique in our own way.

When it comes to animals, there are many people that believe in different things and they always believe that their way is the right way. Their way and my way are different and the main thing is we just need to get along and use each other’s strengths in a positive way.

Let us look at some interesting facts about the history of animals in captivity. Animals have been studied and kept as captives from the beginning of time. The pharaohs in Egypt 10 000 BC used animals in their magic’s and illusions. The Romans used animals in the entertainment arenas and coliseums. The Greeks used them in worship and created idols and gods in their mythology. Throughout history, from the Egyptians to modern times, humans have kept animals in captivity for entertainment, research, breeding projects, companions and just because we can.

Today in modern society, humans are trying to give animals rights, what right has an animal have if it has been set out by us humans? The animal has no say in their rights, so what makes it right?

Let us look at this in a different frame of mind.

Humans display emotional behavior.

Animals display instinctual behavior.


An animal is not going to say ‘Oh shame, let the baby bunny live, I will look for something else to eat’, it will rip it open and kill it without an emotional decision, called instinctive behavior.

A human will say ‘oh shame, look at the baby bunny, let us take it home, look after it, nurse it and love it’, this is a human responding in an emotional way as they do not want the bunny to die, however we have just cost an animal its next meal as we allowed our emotions to get in the way.

A Death of an Animal is Food for Another

This is just common basics when it comes to the circle of life. The overall plan was not to save the bunny by a human but allow an animal its next meal.

Did the bunny have a right to live?

Let us look at feral animals. A feral animal is an exotic animal that has escaped, most of the time from somebody’s household. Already humans are at fault here. When this animal escapes and discovers more of its own kind, they begin to form breeding groups and colonies. Because they are exotics, no indigenous predator will prey on it and their numbers begin to grow strong. These exotics begin to drive out the indigenous fauna and destroy the indigenous flora. They also have potential to hybridize. A feral animal will not say 'let the indigenous animals have rights to this land’, their instinctive behavior kicks in and they take over an area aggressively. I believe a feral animal is a huge problem and have to be eradicated aggressively to save what is left of our already fragile eco system. Does this make me wrong in believing that we should all take out any feral animal or colony in our indigenous system? Or do they now have a ‘right’ and should be cared and catered for?

Animal rights activists, welfares and societies have such strong belief systems that they actually think that they are right. They have forgotten to see the 3 dimensional aspects of animals in general and seem to only view things 1 dimensionally and their way is the only way.

I believe there is a place for animals in captivity and that does not make it wrong.

If you believe all animals should be free, that does not make you wrong either.

We are all humans and have different convictions regarding what is right and what is wrong. That is what balances nature and everything in it. Humans have the final say over nature and the future of it, not the animals.

I hope that the right decisions will be made, and then everyone can be happy, if the wrong decisions are kept being made, there will always be unhappy parties, fighting amongst us and the same old unanswered questions asked because we all believe that our way is the only right way.



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