Positive and Negative

Animals are very delicate creatures even though they carry instincts for survival. We turn animals into what we want them to become in captivity. Do we positively re-enforce them or negatively re-enforce them? We think by disciplining them with a rod, this will get them to listen to us but this actually negative re-enforcing them to be scared of us. Beating an animal into submission is abuse. Rewarding an animal for correct behavior is positive re-enforcing them to build up a trust with the handler.

To keep an animal successfully is to understand their behaviors and routines. We need to act upon these behaviors with encouragement so the animal will want to return to that routine again for his treat. Certain circuses and display parks uses the crack of the whip. This to me is abuse as they make the animal do something like a trick out of fear rather than out of routine for a treat. A tiger jumping through hoop is not a natural thing for a big cat to do, these cats are afraid of fire yet we force them do something totally unnatural or else they get a whip to their butt.

Yet throughout the century’s people kept animals for their own gain and so do we to this day. The keeping of animals in captivity in my opinion is not wrong. Training an animal in natural behaviors is great and rewarding to the handler and animal. Once the handler is in the routine of the animal, the animal gains trust and a lifelong relationship begins.

The pendulums on animals are so vast and extreme. Animal rights activists are saying that no animal should be kept in captivity and they need their freedom. Zoos and parks are saying there is a need for animals in captivity for educational and breeding purposes. There are people who want to save the Panda and there are people who want to save the world. My view point on this is that there are needed people like this to keep this crazy world in check. Animal right activists needs to be in place to question, zoos are needed for breeding and education especially certain zoos that add fresh blood into the system. Panda people are a necessity as they focus on specific species and their survival in the wild. People who want to save the world are priority as they make a difference in going green and recycle where they can.

We are all part of the same system and we need to start working together as a people and stop fighting each other. Let’s rather work together in our capacities and change this planet to a positive environment. At the end of it all there is no difference with us humans when it comes to animals, we all have the same heart towards them. We just express it differently and we don’t always understand each other’s point of view and this is where confusion and arguments begin. If we can accept each other and each other’s convictions towards animals then we can all focus on saving the specie and not what we think could be right or could be wrong.

An animal born in captivity only knows what it knows. Yes it will still have instincts to be an animal but that does not mean it has the instinct to kill to eat as their food gets served in a bowl without fur or feather. Accidents happen to people who get too relaxed with these animals and they get mauled. Then we put the bullet in the head of the animal thinking it is now dangerous to keep. Yet the animal was always too dangerous to keep and we know that. I find that the people who use negative re-enforcement are the people who come off second best. I find that people who use positive re-enforcement are the people who have success and their captive animals are always in good condition.

One of the most important things for captive animals in captivity is that the handler encourages environmental enrichment for his captives. If the handler keeps stimulating his animals in their natural behaviors and rewards are always on the cards, the handler will have a content and happy captive on his hands and a special bond gets formed between beast and human.

On a positive note, it is a privilege to be on top of the food chain and to make decisions and choices. Animals do not have that and we should all go into the next decade with one mindset… We cannot all save the world but we can make a difference by just starting at home and in the community around us.

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