Our Sanctuary

Animals in Wonderland is an educational facility.

Each animal under our care gets individual attention and their specific diet is met. Our motto at the sanctuary is “if it has a heart beat it must have a name”, so every one of our 503 strong family has a name and a place in the food chain or system as we call it here.

The animals at the sanctuary are used for educational and environmental talks and programmes. Our heart is to reach as many children as possible and educate them about wildlife, our environment and sustainable living. The children today are tomorrows future and we need to keep an open mind regarding this. Children are growing up being exposed to a digital and an electronic world. Our programmes are fun and inter-active, animals used are friendly and non venomous.

Our Wildlife Volunteer program is aimed at giving you a safe haven where you can be part of something bigger than yourselves, love and care for some awesome creatures, travel and experience nature and make great friends.

Throughout this web site you will meet many of our friends that are part of our lives. So enjoy… 

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