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Thank you for having us at your special evening

Kimberleigh and Mia the Spotted Eagle Owl Juan Bloo Kimberleigh and cousin Juan Hurricane and Kimberleigh


Thank you so much for blessing us with extra! Much appreciated…

Hope to see you all again soon

You could hold Mia, the Spotted Eagle Owl Ace the PugPom and a cute visitor Animal Talk and Tour included in #SundayBreakfastBuffet #Targetshooting for all ages

Thank you for bringing your students to our facility.

We are very impressed with how the students carried themselves.

We commend the teachers for doing a great job!

Students arrive #animalsinwonderland #animalsinwonderland #jerugreenfingers Mia #spottedeagleowl and students #animalsinwonderland #juanclaassen Franky #Ballpython and students

Day visitors – Sunday, 22nd of June 2014

Thank you for bringing your family for a day outing here with us at Wonderland.

See you soon…

Dayvisitors and Mia the Spotted Eagle Owl