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Thank you for having your party here with us.

Hope to see you soon.

Via e-mail

Hi Jeru,

I just really wanted to say thanks so much for the excellent service we experienced during Tristan’s party. The boys had so much fun and thanks to you, we endured the non stop chatter about the snakes (thanks for allowing them to touch under your supervision), I think that was the highlight for them. Although there were light showers of rain….that didn’t deter the boys and before we knew it…it was time to leaveL

This was really a party with a difference. It is indeed inspiring to see people doing what they do not because they have to but because they love to.

I wish you and your family all the success with your ventures.

Keep it up….you guys are doing awesome!

Kind regards,

Cindy Tobias


Tristan friends and Cassandra treasure hunt tristan balance beam Tristan obstacle course Tristan target shooting

Thank you for having your birthday party here with us.

See you soon.

Jeru Juwan Maddy and friends First dip for the season parents are welcome to braai Jeru Juwan and friends balancing

Thank you for sharing your special day here with us.

Hope to see you soon.

  Xavier and friends watching Jack the crow #animalsinwonderland #crow Xavier and friends after finding the treasure #animalsinwonderland Xavier and friends playing games #animalsinwonderland

Ilze and Emma,

Thank you for having your party with us…let's start planning the BIG 10!

See you soon

Emma having her nails done by #CassandraClaassen Spa Day at Wonderland #Bestfriends and #cupcakes

Thank you for inviting us to your party!

What a great BATMAN party!

Chad and Angel the Brown House Snake Chad and Bloo the Blue Tongue Skink Chad and Tinkerbell the Leopard Gecko

Thank you for having us at your son's birthday party!

Hope to see you soon.

Birthday boy friends and Camo the Burmese Python Two friends meeting Tinkerbell the Leopard Gecko Bloo the Blue Tongue Skink Kids of all ages love Angie the Angulate Tortoise

Thank you for having your party here with us.

See you soon…

Jason really enjoyed the target shooting Jason ready to shoot little friend with Smudge the cat Jason's friends and Harry the cockroach Jason and friends marshmallow

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