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Thank you for sharing your special day here with us.

Hope to see you again soon.

via e-mail

Thanks Jeru,

Rachel had a brilliant day thanks and although she is softly spoken she

told me it was the best day of her life yesterday so thank you for all your efforts

Kind regards


Rachel Tom Tom and friends Chloe Rachel and friends Rachel feeding chickens and collecting eggs Rachel eating a chicken head Liz enjoying a worm

Thank you for having your party here with us.

We hope to see you all again soon.

group pic Carl and cake tyre race Carl and Abby

Thank you for bringing your students to our facility.

We are excited to see your school again next year!

Kenzy Parmalat Costa group pic

Thank you for enjoying the day with us.

I especially enjoyed the mushroom, spider and bug hunt!

See you again soon.

target shooting bone placement feeding chickens Kenzy getting some love

Wow! It was great to see you again Keane.

Thank you for having your party here with us.

We think you are a great kid!

See you again soon.

Keane Keane and friends on scavanger hunt Aim is the game Keane target shooting

Thank you for having your party here with us.

We had so much fun.

via sms

Hi Jeru, thank you for a super awesome party.

Jake, my birthday boy said its the best party he’s ever had!

You really made it special! Thank you.


Kids and tree Reptile interaction tyre race Target shooting

Thank you for inviting us to your school.

A big thank you for the extra blessings.

We really appreciate it.

via a letter

Jeru and Animals in Wonderland

Many thanks for the awesome show and

for allowing our angels to interact with them.

xo Gen, Shay, Ang and staff at Twinkle Tots

Student and Angie Students with Bloo student and Tinkerbell Students with Franky Teachers and Maddy

Thank you for having your special birthday here with us.

Wow! Was so much fun to play in the rain!

Hope to see you again soon.

Hurricane and Luke Luke and Parmalat Luke standing in a puddle Kids playing in the rain

Thank you for having your party here with us in the rain.

We had so much fun.

See you again soon..

via email

We can’t wait to come again soon. Love the place. Thanks so much for everything you did for the party. A+++ service!

Kind regards

Jamie and cake Jamie friends and Hurricane Jamie and friend Jamie and bubbles

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