All about your Brown House Snake

Brown house snakes is part of the reptile family.


 Brown house snakes eat once a week.

They need water. So you must give them a water bowl.

Brown House Snakes needs a cage.

Brown house snakes like to wrap themselves around  things like brunches and hands.

People are scared of snakes but guess what? Snakes are more scared of us than we are scared of them.

Brown house snakes are not venomous. At my house we have 3 brown house snakes. 1 is mine Violet and 2 are my dad’s Charley, the albino brown house snake, and Angel the brown house snake.

Brown house snakes are one of my favorite snakes. Because they don’t bite me.

You must always give them news paper in the cage. It works the best.

You also get your albino brown house snake. My dad has one named Charley.

Charley is orangish yellowish in colour. It is unusual because a brown house snake is brown. They are brown house snakes but it’s just an albino brown house snake. 

Violet is uncommon in her species because she has two lines going down her back and normal brown house snakes have only two by the eyes.

Brown house snakes will only shed every month or two. To know how brown house snakes are going to shed is when they go blue.

If you keeping a brown house snake or more don’t forget the heating mat to keep them warm. I do not use a light bulb because it could burn them.


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