How to raise a mouse

How to raise a mouse

Mice are part of the rodent family, they are smaller than rats.  

When females fall pregnant, they will carry their young for 3 weeks. 10-20 babies are born and 8-10 nipples to feed their young. 


 After the pink stage they go to fussy’s and after that they are hoppers then weaners and then adult.

A mouse needs a cage, they like to nest in warm place and also you can give your mouse a wheel for exercise. I use saw dust for the bottom of the cage and grass to make nests. 

Mice need food and a water bottle or a water bowl. You can feed them seeds, bread or hamster mix. Mice can eat up to 3 grams of food a day.

 Mice pinks are smaller than rat pinks. 

Mice bite a lot but if you hold them the right way they won’t bite you like my mouse Snowy. I can pick her up whenever I want. Mice can live up to 2.5 years. They are good at swimming and mice are colour blind.


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