Ball Pythons

They are called Ball Pythons because if they get scared they go into a ball.

They get to 1.2-1.5 meters long.       

They mate from October to February.

The females lay up to 8 eggs.

The babies will be 20 to 25 centimeters long.

We have 2 Ball Pythons, Lizzy and Franky.

Ball Pythons love water. That’s why you should give them a bigger water bowl than them. When they are an adult I recommend a 2L ice-cream container.

Ball Pythons eat once a week. Depending on size, they will eat anything from a rat pup, medium mouse to a medium rat.

They are also known as a Royal Python

They like to wrap around brunches, arms and that kind of stuff.

They need a nice big cage to roam around and they like their space but don’t get a to big cage.

They don’t often bite.

They are not venomous.

They are very easy to handle.

They are lazy and they won’t move around a lot.

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Done by : Jade 

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