How to handle a Corn Snake

Many people have a phobia of snakes, but they are more scared of you than you of them.

So I’m trying to get as much people to handle a snake and get the phobia away. So I’m teaching you how to handle and play with your corn snake.

We have 3 corn snakes, 2 are hurricane corn snakes named Hurricane and Katrina and 1 albino corn snake named Pepper.

They get to about 1-1.8m in length.

A baby corn snake is tricky because they strike a lot when they are babies, so if you are buying a baby corn snake remember they will strike a lot. So if your corn snake strikes a lot DON’T stop playing with them, you must play with them until they are out of the habit of striking.

A baby corn snake will eat a baby mouse called a pink

A teenager will eat a fussy mouse

A nearly adult will eat a hopper

An adult will eat an adult mouse

You must give them a water bowl NOT a water bottle a water bowl and clean the bowl every day.

A cage you can give medium, keep them on news paper and clean them once a week.

To know when they going to shed they go a milky blue color and they won’t eat if they going to shed.

Done By: Jade

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