How to look after a rat

A rat is very easy to handle if you pick the right rat and if you raise them right. People say they have diseases or they are dirty, but that is only wild rats. Rats will only bite if you stick your fingers in their mouth or if your hands smell like food, I recommend that you wash your hands before and after playing with your pet.

I have 2 tamed rats that are named Dolly and Dumbo they are dumbo eared rats which means they have big ears.

For the food it’s very easy for a healthy diet you can keep them on dog pellets, bread and if you want also seeds.

Water is important; most water bottles don’t work that well so you can also use a water bowl.

Looking after a rat is not difficult. You just need to play with them while they are young and play with them every day.

They make a great family pet, but watch them with young kids.

For a cage I recommend a medium cage and spoil them with toys, make sure you have sawdust on the floor and put a hand full of grass so they can make a warm nest to sleep in.

Done By: Jade

For more information and would like to adopt a rat as a pet, contact us via the website.

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