Hamster Care

Hamster Care

Hamsters need exercise. 1: You can give them a ball to run in or 2: You can give them a wheel to run on.













Hamsters are cute if you raise them right like my hamster Bugsy.












Hamsters need water. 1: A water bottle or 2: A water bowl. But I recommend a water bottle because if you use a water bowl they will mess sawdust in it. 












Hamsters are very easy to raise. They just need a cage.












Hamsters need a food bowl.

Always give them a small food bowl because they don’t eat that much.












Hamsters play a lot. 1: You can play with them. 2: You can give them tunnels.












But remember that it is hard to clean the tunnels and to disinfect.

If you raise your hamster you will get bitten a few times but soon they won’t bite you if you raise them proper.

Hamsters live up to 2 years but my one of my friend’s hamster lived up to 2 and half years. Bugsy my hamster is 1 and half years. She was born in 21/02/2010.

Hamsters need a house with cotton in to keep them warm.












Done By: Jade  

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