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Thank you for having your party here with us.

Wow, we had lots of fun!

Jayden feeding SpringB the Springbuck Jayden's brother and friends with a tortoise Jayden target shooting

Thank you for inviting us to your party!

What a great BATMAN party!

Chad and Angel the Brown House Snake Chad and Bloo the Blue Tongue Skink Chad and Tinkerbell the Leopard Gecko

Thank you for having us at your party!

Hope to see you soon.

Matthew and friends Tinkerbell the Leopard Gecko Camo the Burmese Python

We would like to thank Marsh for bringing the Smile Madiba Kids here for Mandela Day.

How wonderful to see kids really appreciate things in life…

We felt priviledged to be part of this amazing event.

Jeru, Marsh and Smile Madiba kids Balancing is fun Kids smiling Hoolahoop Juan Camo and Kids

Thank you for spending the day with us.

See you soon

Fun things to do in Port Elizabeth

Thank you for sharing your special day here with us.

We are going to miss you when you move to Durban!

Enjoying the tire race What a shot! Ten points Handre had the highest score of the day Target shooting best part of the day

Dear Ilonka and friends,

Thank you for the extra blessings and spending the day here with us.

Much appreciated

What a cool find feedfing the ducks Feeding Pedro and Suzie t Feeding Zazu the Hornbill Muffins were on the menu

Thank you for sharing your birthday here with us.

Hope to see you again soon

Lean's bug hunt Bugs aren't the only thing you find during the bug hunt Lean and friends target shooting Lean, Juan and Roxy the African Rock Monitor

Thank you both for having your special day here with us at Wonderland.

Hope to see you soon

Via email

Hi Jeru

Thank you so much for the awesome party. The kids had a ball!

Kind regards



  Megan feeding SpringB Family fun with Camo the Burmese Python Target Shooting is fun Juan helping Megan with target shooting






Day visitors – Thursday, 3rd of July 2014

Dear Dani,

Thank you for bringing the kids to the farm.

See you soon.

Target Shooting is lots of fun Dani with Mia the Spotted Eagle Owl Dani's mom with Mia the Spotted Eagle Owl Oliver and Rocky the Rock Kestrel