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Thank you for inviting us to your children’s Church.

We really enjoyed introducing some of our animals to you.

AngelSallyTwiddle DeeCloe

Thank you for having it here with us. Wow, we had so much fun! Glad you all loved our Sanctuary. See you soon for our volunteer program.
Via sms: Thanks for a great party…the kids had the best time ever, and the cake was amazing!! Sorry we took so long to go, but the people couldn’t get enough of your place…
Celeste Botha (Kalene’s mom)

Group pic with Wallace Kalene picking up fearfactor eats Maddy Kalene and friends Wallowing in the mud

Thank you for having us again this year, we enjoy driving out to you.

Thank you also for the extra blessing you have given us. It really means a lot.

See you again next year!

via email – We just want to say thank you for the great presentation from Juan today.

Everybody enjoyed it immensely!
Thank you again and hope to see you next year!
Kind regards Nadine

Not everyone likes snakes Costa Cloe Angel

Five amazing girls came to help!

Thank you ladies for all your help. We really appreciate it.

Wow! We had so much fun.

Volunteers feeding Group pic Pulling eggs Pool time


Thank you for all your help Sinead and Tatum!

It really was a great week, filled with hard work and tons of fun.

Enjoy your time away and see you in the new year..

Planting clivias Beach time Bonfire Jeru Sinead and Tatum

Thank you for bringing your Pony Club to our facility.

We really enjoyed having you


Thank you for having your party here with us.

We are very glad we will see your family again for your brother’s party!

Thank you for having us at your special event.

Hope to see you all again soon

Thank you to our volunteers for all your donations towards this cause.

We really appreciate you.

To the organizers, well done for doing such a great job.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of this great event.

Thank you for having your party here with us.

We really enjoyed having you. See you soon