Wow! Your students are amazing!

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job parents and teachers.

It’s always a pleasure hosting your school.

See you again next year with the new Grade 3’s..

Jeru and group arrival Expressions classroom1 Bloo cool expressions

Thank you for sharing your special day with us Oscar.

Hope to see you again next year!

Treasure hunt Oscar and Angel Family pic with Chloe Tyre race

Thank you for inviting us to be part of such an amazing cause.

Photoshoot Photoshoot4 Photoshoot1 Mrs Liberty kids and Mia

Thank you for inviting us to your Church event.

Abbey Bloo Costa Chloe Expressions

Thank you for sharing your special day with us Bradley. We had tons of fun.

Hope to see you soon!

Via email –
Just wanted to thank you once again for the awesome time we had with you guys.
Kindest Regards
Rene de Villiers

Candy and kids Expressions Maddy Treasure hunt begin

Thank you for having your party here with us Emily.

We really enjoyed seeing you again and we are super proud of the

young girl you are becoming.

Emily and Hurricane Tyre race Emily Target Shooting Emily Kids and wallace

We stand a chance of losing the land we have build our educational sanctuary on.

Please stand with us by donating R100 / $100 to help us save our land

We are not just asking for our animals, however also for the youth. The kids of the next generation.

These animals are all animals that needed a home and we provided it for them. Please help us keep it for them.

If you think that it is important to educate please donate.

Thank you so much for inviting us to your special party.

We love you boy!

Blake and Ghostly Blake and Sally Blake and Bloo Group pic

Thank you for bringing your students to our facility.

We hope to see you all again soon.

Group pic Hurricane Cloe and kids tyre race

Home Schoolers – Friday, 11th of March 2016

Thank you for bringing your students to our facility.

See your next group on Friday!

Wallace and students Hurricane and students Tinkerbell and student Moms and Cloe